Authenticity. Courage. Trust. Spirituality.

Join me as I endeavor to live my life according to these four core values.

Latest Musings from My Life in A.C.T.S.

Self-Love is Bull-shhhhh.

Warning Unpopular Opinion: Self-love is a crock. Ok, you are probably confused as to why anyone would take issue with self-love, but let me explain. The concept of self-love is amazing, in theory! But I find the actual words themselves to be too broad, hard to define and unhelpful to truly understanding the concept. LoveContinue reading “Self-Love is Bull-shhhhh.”

It Starts at Your Front Door

To understand how to fight structures of supremacy it is important that we understand the tools it most commonly employs to collectively manipulate us. Dismantling supremacy starts in our own hearts.

Just Make Some Sh*t Already

Honesty Time: I’ve been avoiding writing a blog because I was worried what I had to say wasn’t revolutionary enough. I haven’t written a blog in a bit and I kept thinking, “Damn it, this next blog needs to really be good or else…” Hearing myself say that out loud is so silly. Or elseContinue reading “Just Make Some Sh*t Already”

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