Our Revolution

Photo Credit Tim Marshall. @timmarshall

I wrote this poem several years ago. Part of being authentic for me is sharing with the world all of those little talents we keep to ourselves for fear that others will truly see who we are. This is who I am. A poet. An artist. A fallible human that is afraid of what it means to be seen. The most painful thing is being seen and misunderstood but this will happen no matter what we do. Unfortunately, we are not in control of other people’s perceptions of us and this fact will always terrify me. But I refuse to let being misunderstood drive me into hiding anymore. Without further adieu here you go world:

Our Revolution

The first law of Thermodynamics:

Energy can neither be created or destroyed 

it can only be transferred from one thing to another. 

Our bodies can be consumed by the rage of

earth, wind and fire but we will never be destroyed.

We are a generation waiting for a revolution

that makes sense.

Waiting for plate tectonics to force our

bodies to recall the battle cry of the big bang. 

It IS here but we are just not listening. 

We wait…

for something…anything to unite us 

maybe our revolution begins 

with time, a chain reaction,

an acknowledgement of the energy that surrounds us…

an acknowledgement that the energy is US. 

We are the constant resurrections pacing sidewalks in flesh. 

Maybe revolution is not a fist or a plan.

Maybe revolution is one foot in front of the other

thanking the trillion tiny deaths that made space for you to be.

Thanking the grain that is broken to feed us.

Thanking the plant that is maimed to clothe our naked frames.

Thanking the rain that gave up its place in the sky to quench our thirst.

Maybe revolution is this:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Published by Britta Muldoon

I am a 30 something artist/maker, marketer, dancer and avid food enthusiast.

One thought on “Our Revolution

  1. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You are an incredible writer and I look forward to reading more of your beautiful work. Please keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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